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Name embossing

A step-by-step guide to your personalised notebook

Every notebook is individual, not least because of its contents. They can be as diverse as the demands of their owners. But you can make your notebook even more personalised and impressive.

For each of our products that can be embossed, you will find a Personalise button to customise your item. Here, we explain how it works step-by-step.


1. Choose your notebook

Choose your favourite notebook from our range and configure it according to your wishes





Find your notebook

name embossing

2. Personalise

Press the Personalise button and a window will open which lets you type in a name to be embossed.

You can also select the font and embossing colour.

Then, just click ‘Save’, and roughly two weeks later you will be holding your personalised piece in your hands.

Select notebook for personalisation now

On-site name embossing

You will soon find all upcoming trade events where embossing will take place here.

Find embossing events

Our top-selling personalisation products

Choose the format, cover, ruling and colour of your favourite notebook – add embossing for € 9.95 + VAT.

Notizbuch Classic

Notizbuch Classic

Some Lines A Day

Some Lines A Day

Wochenkalender & Notizbuch, 18 Monate

Weekly Planner & Notebook