The Notebook Guide

Get to know our formats, rulings and bindings.

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Shapes and sizes

The right shape and size for every taste. The LEUCHTTURM1917 notebooks come in six sizes.

Master Notebook

Master A4+ (225 x 315 mm)

An organisational talent

This oversized notebook will even keep loose A4 sheets safely stored between its pages.


Notebook Classic

Composition B5 (178 x 254 mm)

A popular size in the US

This is an ideal notebook size, roughly equivalent to a tablet, for all walks of life. It doesn’t take up much room, yet offers plenty of space for your ideas and notes.


Medium A5

Medium A5 (145 x 210 mm)

The all-rounder

Our most popular size. Every double page can be photocopied directly onto an A4 sheet.

Hardcover + Softcover

Notebook Classic

Paperback B6+ (125 x 190 mm)

The paperback-sized notebook

The perfect choice for minimalists. Inspired by the compact size of a paperback.


Pocket A6

Pocket A6 (90 x 150 mm)

Concise in more ways than one

Packs away easily, yet is easily at hand if you want to write down an idea. The practical notebook for people on the go.

Hardcover + Softcover

Mini A7

Mini A7 (70 x 110 mm)

A miniature miracle

So tiny that it fits in any bag. But big enough for a great idea.



The notebooks by LEUCHTTURM1917 come in all shapes and sizes. As a result of the different rulings, there is something for everyone.   


Pure handwriting pleasure. No margin, no date.

No dots nor lines. Only the page number is visible in the bottom corner of the sheet. Ruled and squared guideline pages are also included with each blank Master and Medium notebook.


On the dot.

Subtle dots at 5 mm intervals, guide handwriting and help in the creation of tables and drawings.


Handwriting orientated by clear lines.

The standard distance between lines in practically all of the editions available is 6 mm. A more generous distance of 8.5 mm comes with the Master Classic, including a margin for comments.


Fair and square.

For mathematicians, fans of charts and tables as well as those with an artistic talent, the 5 × 5 mm squares are ideal as a template. This notebook ruling is available in virtually all notebook designs. The Master edition also comes with a margin for adding comments.


Available as a paperback (softcover) or in hardback (hardcover). Two different cover types to accommodate personal preferences.

Notebook Classic


Sturdy protection for handwritten notes.

The firm cover with a sturdy spine not only protects every page, it is also the perfect base for jotting down things on the spur of the moment.

Notebook Classic


Flexible for everything that counts.

Our notebooks with a soft cover are not only brilliant for carrying around with you, they also save space and are lightweight thanks to the reduced number of pages.