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Notebook Classic

Putting ideas/thoughts in writing. Inspiration and plans in every shape and size.

We, at LEUCHTTURM1917, are advocates of ‘putting it down in writing’. Writing down our thoughts, ideas or events by hand let them stay firmly fixed in our memory. When written down on paper, they provide a framework and overview, keep key items in mind and inspire new thoughts. The requirements of a notebook are as individual as a person’s own signature. At LEUCHTTURM1917, everyone will find their preferred shape and size in their favourite colour.

We not only value practical and attractive design, but also attach great importance to the quality and many useful details.

Discover now our LEUCHTTURM1917 Notebooks Classic.

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Notebook Classic
from £12.50 including VAT
Notebook, Smooth Colours
from £16.50 including VAT
Edition 120G
£21.90 including VAT
Notebook Bauhaus Edition
£18.90 including VAT
Notebook Metallic Edition
from £12.95 including VAT
Notebook RED DOTS Edition
£18.50 including VAT
Notebook Monocle by LEUCHTTURM 1917
from £15.50 including VAT
Bullet Journal Edition 2
£23.50 including VAT
Change Journal
£28.50 including VAT
Change Journal German
£28.50 including VAT
Some Lines A Day
£23.90 including VAT
Start-up Journal, English
£28.50 including VAT
Start-up Journal, German
£28.50 including VAT
Jottbook Double
from £9.50 including VAT
Notebook Leuchtkraft
£17.50 including VAT
Notebook NEON! Edition
£18.50 including VAT
Notebook Write, don´t talk
£22.95 including VAT
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Notebook Leather
£60.00 including VAT
Weekly Diary 2022 Monocle by LEUCHTTURM1917
£24.00 £12.00 You will save 50% including VAT