Medium (A5)

The classic notebook

A variety of colours and features.

The Medium (A5) notebook is not only a perfect size, it is available in a whole host of colours and different types of ruling. That is the reason why many of our special editions also come in this standard notebook size.

Measuring 145 × 210 mm, the Medium (A5) notebook is not only a handy size, there is also plenty of room to jot down notes and ideas for the future. When opened up, the double page can be photocopied perfectly on an A4 sheet of paper.

Notebook Classic

Medium (A5)

15 Items
Notebook Rising Colours
from £15.50 including VAT
Jottbook Double
from £8.50 including VAT
Notebook Bauhaus Edition
£18.50 including VAT
Notebook RED DOTS Edition
£17.50 including VAT
Notebook Write, don´t talk
£22.95 including VAT
Notebook NEON! Edition
£18.50 including VAT
Notebook Metallic Edition
from £12.95 including VAT
Bullet Journal
£16.95 including VAT
Change Journal German
£28.50 including VAT
Change Journal
£28.50 including VAT
Notebook Leuchtkraft
£17.50 including VAT
Some Lines A Day
£22.95 including VAT
11 Freunde Edition
£18.50 including VAT
Notebook Leather
from £60.00 including VAT
from £17.50 including VAT