Metallic Edition

Notizbuch Metallic Edition

Precious metal for prized thoughts.

The Metallic Edition by LEUCHTTURM1917 consist of prized objects that magnificently showcase every style of writing.

A cover material that has been specially developed for this edition adds the shine of precious metals, either in gold, silver or copper. The black belly band, with the figure 1917 embossed in a metallic colour, enhances this effect.

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Notizbuch Metallic Edition


Pen Loop Metallic

Pen Loops

Bleistift Metallic Edition


Pen Loop Metallic Edition

Metallic Look

The Metallic edition also features matching pencils and pen loops with the corresponding symbol that reflects the respective precious metal.

Tone-on-tone according to the notebook colour, they create a harmonious unit or set a contrasting colour statement. 

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Metallic Edition