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The Cleer® Learning Journey

The Cleer® Learning Journal is a 12-week workbook and notebook that summarises the most successful methods and techniques of active learning. It helps you structure new information and directly apply new knowledge so that you can retain as much of what you have learned as possible.

1. Plan

Organise your weekly learning sessions.

Learning is an investment in your future. But what's the best way to start? Where do you keep your notes? And how do you remember what you have learned? Are you already organising and planning your own regular learning sessions?

2. Explore

Collect and note all relevant new information.

Did you know that passive learning leads to a phenomenon that brain researchers call the 'forgetting curve'? After just 7 days, 90% of what was learned is lost. That's not a good record!

Invest your valuable time in ACTIVE learning! The focus here is on the direct application of new information.

The learning system of our new Learning Journal is based on ACTIVE learning. It gives you structure, motivation, and methods that help you retain most of what you've learned.

Tip: Collect new information on your topic and summaris it creatively in your own personal way. How can you do this? Find out more in the video clip.

3. Experiment

Apply new knowledge and skills with our  learning methods.

Anyone who gives up will never win! Did you know that athletes improve their performance by visualising an exercise? If the sequence of movements is already in your head, it can be executed more easily and used at the right moment. Face your (learning) challenges and get even better at applying your new knowledge! Would you like to know more about how to do it? Get inspired!

4. Reflect

Test yourself on what you already know/don’t know.

Knowledge is a resource that increases with use. No keyboard can replace the valuable thought processes that arise when we pick up pen and notebook. When we write something by hand, we increase our knowledge. The new Cleer Learning Journal shows you how to absorb and protect your new knowledge and apply it directly.

5. Summarize

Compile your most important findings.

Handwritten notes are an important tool for learning. Instead of just passively communicating new content, actively summarising and reflecting on new information helps you to really understand and absorb it. This is how you build up new knowledge in a sustainable way. Achieve your learning goals faster and more successfully with the learning system of the new Learning Journal. It is easy to use and ensure long-term learning success.