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Brigitte Academy Summit X LEUCHTTURM1917

Life-Work-Summit in Mallorca, 28 October–31 October 2022

Brigitte Academy Summit

Know yourself, be inspired, connect

The topic of journaling was also on the agenda. Here we had the pleasure of holding a wonderful bullet journal workshop for the participants of the summit – together with Kerstin Schiemenz, the first and only certified German bullet journal coach who teaches Ryder Carroll’s method. Together with Kerstin Schiemenz, three more journaling workshops with our Bullet Journal took place over the weekend to familiarise the participants with the method. Everyone was thrilled and it was a great pleasure to see how popular and appreciated the LEUCHTTURM1917 brand is.

Bullet Journal Ed. 2

The Bullet Journal®

Of course, LEUCHTTURM1917 also provided the right working materials: upon arrival, each participant found an Original Bullet Journal in Blush in their room and was able to get started straight away.

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