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Academic Week Planner Pocket (A6) 2021, with booklet, 18 Months, Black, English

The 18-month Academic Week Planner

Our Week Planner allows you to plan your day in detail hour by hour, whilst also giving you a good overview of the week.

The unique layout of this planner is that each week extends across a double-page spread, with each day divided into time slots. That means you can mark in all of your appointments at their precise times.

In Pocket (A6) Format Saturday and Sunday are displayed in a shared column. The daily time slots also differ depending on which format you choose:

  • Master (A4+) and Medium (A5): from 7 am to 10 pm

  • Pocket (A6): from 9 am to 8 pm

Product description

Which of your 2020 appointments are still plannes? Cancelled dates, postponed events...

Time for a restart?
Our RESTART 2020 Weekly Planner and Notebook 2020 has an elegant blind embossing on a hard cover - as long as supplies last.

Every double page features a page with the calendar week on the left and a lined notebook page on the right. With all of our well-known overviews and details.

Our Details:
• Overview for 2019, 2020 and 2021
• Year planner 01.2020 – 12.2021
• Phases of the moon and international holidays
• Project planner
• Expandable pocket
• Detachable pages for notes
• Self-adhesive labels for archiving
• 80 g/m² acid-free paper
• 100 g/m² acid-free paper for Master size
• High ink compatibility

The hardcover version includes a separate booklet for birthdays, anniversaries and addresses.

Also available in other languages

Academic Week Planner german

Academic Week Planner, German

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